100 Bible Stories for Children {Book Review}

Bible storybooks are pretty great! These types of books typically take many of the stories, people, and events from the Bible and gather them up into a delightful, age-appropriate collection for children to read. Recently, we've been reading 100 Bible Stories for Children, and I have to say that this is a beautiful compilation of stories from the Bible, that's perfect for kids of all ages.

Instill a deep love of the narrative of the Bible in your children’s hearts with this richly illustrated storybook. 100 Bible Stories for Children uses beautiful, traditional art and clear language to teach children ages 5 to 8 one hundred of the best-loved stories from the Bible, and it includes a ribbon to mark your place. The detailed illustrations will captivate your children as you read with them at bedtime or at Sunday school, and independent readers will return again and again to learn the stories of the heroes of the faith. You and your family will treasure this classic collection of Bible stories.

100 Bible Stories for Children includes a total of fifty-three stories pulled from the Old Testament and forty-seven stories from the New Testament. As we read each story in this book, we can easily identify where it originates from in the Bible, thanks to the handy reference under each title. For instance, Chapter 13 in the book tells us the story of Esau and Jacob, while also notating that the original Biblical content can be found in Genesis 25: 20-34.

This is a high-quality storybook with a sturdy hard cover for durability. Thick, semi-gloss pages fill the book, so they won't easily tear when flipping through–a feature that is especially nice for younger children who are reading this. The stories in the book average at about two pages long. Some have more paragraphs that fill both pages, while others are on the shorter side. Each chapter is a paraphrased account of the Bible story that it pertains to. This is another feature that is wonderful for younger kids, because it reads just like any other children's book, making it a fun way to learn all about the Bible. Of course, the stories and the way they're written will definitely appeal to children of all ages, not just younger ones, but older kids, too. Even as an adult, I especially appreciated the details throughout. 

I really appreciate the that there are collections of stories that we don't normally see in some of the other Bible storybooks that we've read, such as the Passover Meal (Exodus 12:1-28) or the story of Jesus healing the ten men from leprosy (Luke 17:11-19). While we always enjoy reading about Noah, David and Goliath, and Jonah, it was nice to see some not so commonly added stories included in a children's Bible storybook.

The illustrations are another aspect of the book that we really enjoyed. They are beautiful and each one depicts an intricate part of the story that it's included in. I also like the addition of a ribbon bookmark to help my son keep his place wherever he last left off. This is always a helpful inclusion in any book with a lot of pages or multiple stories. 

We are really enjoying our reading sessions using 100 Bible Stories for Children. Day by day, I do what I can to disciple my son to become a faithful follower of Jesus. It's so important to have him develop a love for reading the Bible. Having paraphrased stories and treasury collections, such as this, really help provide him with an age-appropriate account of the people, places, and events that had taken place throughout Biblical history. At the same time, they also help him retain what he's learned for further discussion and life application.