Unshakable Hope for Kids: God Always Keeps His Promises

I've read plenty of books that were written by Max Lucado, and what I've found from many of them is that he consistently offers a gentle reminder that God is always there for us, every step of the way. Recently, we had the opportunity read his latest release for children, God Always Keeps His Promises, and as the title suggests, this book offers plenty of reminders that God is always there for us, keeping His promises.

Since the beginning of time, God has kept His promises. Through the stories of Adam and Eve, Abraham, Joseph, Peter, Paul, and many more, children will learn about the character and nature of God and His unending love for His people. Offer children the chance to learn about the promises God made to His followers in the Bible, and the knowledge that they still get to experience these promises today. Each chapter features a promise from God accompanied by a story example from the Bible and an application for children today. Max Lucado, beloved pastor and bestselling author, is a revered authority on biblical teaching. Yet his gentle, loving approach makes it possible for even the youngest children to understand God’s tenderness toward them. Through beautiful illustrations and compelling stories, Max will guide your family through God’s unfailing goodness and faithfulness through the promises He made, and how He kept those promises in Bible times and how He still keeps them today.

Since entering the ministry in 1978, Max Lucado has served churches in Miami, Florida; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and San Antonio, Texas. He currently serves as senior minister of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. He is America’s bestselling inspirational author with more than 130 million books in print.

One of the features that initially intrigued me about this book was the beautiful illustrations on the front cover. It depicts Noah stepping onto new land after the flood, along with pairs of animals soon following in the distance. The colors, the drawings, and pretty much everything about this cover image is beautiful. The rainbow was a symbol of God's promise to never flood the earth, and this is also shown on the cover behind Noah–a perfect reminder of how God always keeps His promises to His children.

Of course, the fact that it was written by Max Lucado was another reason why I knew that I wanted to get this book for my son. As I had mentioned, above, his books are always full of encouragement. God Always Keeps His Promises is no exception. Included in this book are twenty-five different stories that also include God's promises to us. Some of the topics include God promising to take care of His people, hear our prayers, and even use us to build His church. The stories seem to be arranged in the same order as the Bible with the book beginning with Adam and Eve, then Abraham, and eventually moving up the timeline to the life and resurrection of Jesus. There are even a couple of stories that include Paul and one about Revelation. 

Every chapter in the book offers a similar layout. There is a title page that also includes a scripture passage from the Bible. The second page of each chapter offers a discussion starter that speaks to your child in such a way, so that they can relate to what their reading. This is then followed up with several pages (typically four pages) of a Bible story that relates to the discussion starter and the promise given in the chapter's title. The top portion of each Bible story will also include a reference to where it can found in the Bible. After each story there is a page that offers an affirmation of what was just read and a special "promise" to God that children can recite. This page then finishes with an short prayer that can also be recited. The final page of each chapter includes a list of additional scripture passages to recite and memorize. Since scripture memorization is extremely important, I really appreciated this feature and found it to be one of my favorite components of the book.

While the book has some extensive reading that may be a little too complex for much younger children to read on their own, the writing itself can be still be enjoyable for children anywhere from four years old and beyond. As I sit with my son to read the stories, I can definitely see how this book speaks to children in a way that offers faith and hope for their own walk with the Lord.


From beautiful illustrations, to delightful interpretations of Bibles stories, to the many pearls of wisdom and encouragement, I'm so happy to have had the privilege of adding God Always Keeps His Promises to our collection of children's ministry reads. It really is a lovely book both inside and out, and one that I highly recommend for every child to help them build and grow their own personal relationship with God.