Early Learning Fun with Lauri Educational Toys #WeLoveLauri #Tryazon

Having a lot of playtime throughout the day is so important for children, especially younger ages. Even when we began our homeschooling journey early on with preschool, I always made sure that there were plenty of playtime opportunities for my son. Of course, being the "mommy teacher" that I am, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate new learning opportunities during play. Just last week, we had the wonderful opportunity to host a Learning with Lauri party at home.

For those who may not already be familiar with Lauri, it's a brand from the well-known game company, PlayMonster. Since we were already fans (and owners) of some of the toys and games created by PlayMonster, I was definitely interested in seeing what their Lauri line had to offer. 

Here's a little more background on the Lauri brand:

Lauri products began with the creation of Fit-A-Space in 1961 by a retired school teacher. The product line provides Montessori style, educationally sound learning activities available at affordable prices. Fans of Lauri are fans for life and often preschool teachers, grandparents and parents of children with all abilities, share stories of passing Lauri toys onto the next generation.

What's really neat about Lauri's learning toys is that they span various age groups. My kindergartner enjoys them quite a bit, but as we've found out with our latest event, these toys are great for preschool and toddler age children, as well. Their toys are durable for little hands and offer a variety of educational and tactile activities, which are perfect for younger kids. They're also multi-functional, so while kids can use many of Lauri's products to build their fine motor skills, they can also learn mathematics, language arts, and even critical thinking.

We were sent a collection of fabulous products to share and evaluate at our Learning with Lauri party:

  • Tall-Stackers Pegs & Pegboard Set
  • Action-Stackers Little Builder Set
  • Objects Foam Magnets
  • Action Photo Language Cards
  • Create-A-Scene Magnetic Farm
  • Crepe Rubber Puzzle (Fish)
  • Shape & Color Sorter

Tall-Stackers Pegs & Pegboard Set: This game comes with a crepe rubber pegboard that has thirty-six holes, along with plenty of colored pegs that can be placed into the holes. We stacked them as high as we could get them (I like to call this "The Skyscraper"), organized them by colors, and just made some random, fun creations in between. 


Action-Stackers Little Builder Set: The set-up is very similar to the Tall-Stackers Pegs & Pegboard Set, but also includes plenty of extra connectors and wheels to make some fun and interesting things, like the cool car, shown below! Both peg stacking sets are fantastic for teaching early STEM skills and span the interest of multiple age groups. The pieces are also interchangeable between both sets.

Objects Foam Magnets: Great for all ages, these magnets are made of foam rubber and include all kinds of neat illustrations on them. I made sure to have out the magnetic white board for the event, because we definitely needed it with these. Of course, a good old refrigerator will do the trick just as well. Everyone had fun naming all of the objects, and to put a little twist on things, I provided separate letter magnets (not included) in order to match an object to the letter that it begins with. This was a huge hit at our event!


Action Photo Language Cards: These are wonderful for building vocabulary, identifying actions, and even understanding action skills. We used these in a variety of different ways. I would lay them out and have party goers tell me about them, decipher the difference between them, and even act out what was being done in each card. Some examples, below, include a game where we picked out all of the activities that can be done outside, explained the difference between feeling happy and sad, and even acted out a scene by pretending to talk on the phone.


Create-A-Scene Magnetic Farm: Magnetic games are always so much fun. This one sort of reminds me of the Colorforms that I used to play with as a child, but only in magnetic form. In this particular game from the Lauri line, you can create a farm scene using people, animals, a tractor, bale of hay, and even a scarecrow. It was difficult to say who enjoyed this more, the kids or the adults? 

Crepe Rubber Puzzle (Fish): This adorable puzzle has many pluses! For one, it's durable and full of bright, fun colors...perfect for younger children. There are two skill levels included with this product. One level offers an outlined pattern that kids can follow in order to complete the puzzle. The second level involves taking away the pattern, so kids can figure out where the pieces go without a guide.

Shape & Color Sorter: Everyone enjoyed all of the Lauri toys provided at our event, but this had to be the most popular. Activities include basic pegging and the ability to sort shapes by their type and/or color. This one is especially nice for younger ages, because it promotes building fine motor skills and learning about shapes and colors!

Many thanks to PlayMonster and Tryazon for allowing us to take part in the Learning with Lauri event! I'm fortunate to have had the opportunity to share some of these fantastic children's products with others. If you are looking for toys and games that are both education and fun for your kids, then I definitely recommend giving Lauri products a try.