Interactive Practice to Supplement Our Math Lessons: I Know It {Review}

With a new school year, here, we've been looking to add some fresh resources to accompany our week to week lessons. We were recently introduced to I Know It, a new online math program from the creators of Super Teacher Worksheets. After receiving a family membership to the program, we were well on our way to using the included activities to help supplement what we were currently working on.

I Know It is not a full curriculum, however it has proven to be a handy resource for supplementing my son's math, whether I'm looking to add extra activities to a lesson, or simply using the program to quiz him on what he has already learned. A family membership provides access for one parent and up to four students for an entire year. If you have more than four children, you can pay a nominal fee to add extra students. There is also a teacher account available that allows up to thirty students with the option to add additional students.

Again, the program is not only helpful for supplementing our current math lessons, it's also great for using as a refresher to previous lessons. When we initially began the program, I had my son work on some items that he had already knew, just to get him warmed up and keep things fresh in his mind. You can also have students redo assignments that they've already completed. We like to work on mastery in our homeschool, so this is especially helpful. 

The program also has a setting that allows you to turn on a voice prompt for each lesson's question, so that it can be read aloud. This is particularly nice for younger children. The only catch is that the student must click on a speaker icon in order to activate the voice and this has to be done on each page. In my experience, younger children may have a tendency to forget to press the icon for each and every page. I think it would be wonderful to have the capability to change a setting that prompts the voice to automatically speak as each lesson page is loaded. This would especially be helpful for kids who may not already know how to read, because it will allow them to use the program more independently without supervision.

A really nice addition to the program is the availability of progress reports for each student. These reports show a breakdown of each assignment, average score achieved, whether the lesson was already completed, and when. There is also an option to have reports automatically emailed on a weekly basis.

There are over 400 math lessons already included in the program and more are being added every week. Lessons range from kindergarten to fifth grade math ability with plenty of grade appropriate skill activities in each level. Teachers and homeschoolers will also have the option to choose each student's grade and ability level, so if you have a student in second grade, but they are doing first grade math, you can mark the lessons for both second and first grade, so that the student sees both on their dashboard. 

Speaking of assignments, one of my favorite features of this program is having the ability to create assignments for my son. He is in kindergarten, but is doing a mix of both kindergarten and first grade math. While I can just place him in both kindergarten and first grade math with all of the assignments that are automatically included, the option of assigning individual lessons allows me to customize everything to what he is currently working on or needs to learn. When my son logs in using his own student account, he can visit his dashboard and will only see those particular lessons that I have personally assigned to him. Of course, I can change this at anytime, and also revert back to having him work through the default grade assignments if need be.

Assigning a lesson is really easy. You simply click on a grade level, which brings you to a page with all of the available assignments for that level. You can then click on the topics that you would like to assign. Clicking on each topic also gives you more ways to cater the lessons to a student. You will be asked which student the assignment is for; this is great if have multiple students who are doing math on different levels. You can also assign items to only certain students, or simply assign something to all students. 


Teacher dashboards also different from the student's. Since students will see their individual assignments on their own dashboard, as a teacher you will have the option of whether or not to leave the lessons available up to a certain date range, or have them removed upon completion. There is also an option to determine when an assignment is successfully completed. One option is to allow the student to work through an assignment for a predetermined amount of time, which can be anywhere from a minute to twenty-four minutes. The other option is to have the student work through a certain amount of activities in order to complete the assignment. This can be customized with one lesson question all the way up to 108 of them. This last feature is especially nice to keep in mind when using it with certain age groups, since a younger child would be better suited to do a smaller amount of activities per assignment, whereas older students may need the extra challenge and can work through more activities in each lesson. 

The program can be adapted in many ways to better fit each student. You can allow students to work independently in their grade or ability level, and even both. You can also unlock the assignments in all grade levels to let them explore lessons on their own. There are even options to change smaller settings in order to better personalize the whole learning experience. One setting offers the ability to turn off the animated cartoons that accompany each lesson activity. My son enjoys these cartoons, so I leave them on to keep things fun. There are also hint prompts that can be added to the lesson activities. There is an option that lets you to change how the hints are offered, or you can completely deactivate them if you'd prefer not to have any hints made available. I haven't deactivated hints from my son's lessons, but at the same time we really don't use them. Either way, it's nice having the option to choose. 

The verdict is in, we are very pleased with I Know It! To be quite honest, I'm not surprised, either. When we received our subscription to Super Teacher Worksheets, last year, I was impressed with the amount of resources that were made available to us. Not only that, but the designers of the site really have a way of keeping things neat and organized. I can definitely see these aspects are now being reflected on This is a simple to use math program, that's fun and easy to navigate through. I personally like the fact that there are plenty of ways to help customize the activities to my son's individual needs. Having the reports available is also a nice feature that allows me to monitor his overall progress throughout the program. 

Need more convincing? Want to see for yourself? I Know It is offering a very generous 60-day FREE trial to their program. Homeschoolers, parents, and teachers can visit here to sign up.

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