200 Essential Math Skills for First Grade {Mathseeds Workbook Review}

Homeschooling a younger child typically means that there's a happy mix between learning and play. Many times these two things will intertwine with each other–more often than not if I can help it. One of the things that I aim for is to try to make it as fun and interesting as possible. Last year, I offered a glimpse into a program that we had been using at the time called Reading Eggs. This program offers a fun, interactive way for children to learn. It was something that my son really enjoyed, so I was excited when I heard the announcement that Reading Eggs had just released a series of workbooks based on their online program. We recently had the opportunity to try one of the workbooks in this series, 200 Essential Math Skills for First Grade.

Currently there are nine workbooks available:

  • 200 Essential Math Skills for Kindergarten
  • 200 Essential Math Skills for First Grade
  • 200 Essential Math Skills for Second Grade
  • 240 Essential Reading Skills for Kindergarten
  • 240 Essential Reading Skills for First Grade
  • 240 Essential Reading Skills for Second Grade
  • 240 Essential Reading Skills for Third Grade
  • 240 Essential Reading Skills for Fourth Grade
  • 240 Essential Reading Skills for Fifth Grade


In addition to the workbook, we also received a three-month subscription to the online program. When we had our previous subscription to Reading Eggs, we briefly dabbled in a few of the different components, including Mathseeds, Reading Eggs Junior, and Reading Eggspress, which, by the way, are all available with a single membership. I ultimately decided to have my son solely focus on the reading portion at that time. This time around, I decided to switch things up and have him work on Mathseeds. This made more sense, since he's also using the 200 Essential Math Skills for First Grade workbook.

Since there are certain math concepts that I want us to touch up on this school year, the first grade math workbook seemed like the best option, given the fact that it already includes many of the lessons that we are either currently working on, or are planning to in the very near future.

The workbooks are so new, that we actually got a sneak peak of them before they were even released. During the "sneak peak" phase, we received a downloadable file. I was able to have some of the activity pages printed up, so that my son could get started in the meantime. Of course, this just built up our anticipation for the final release when we would actually have the physical book in our hands.

It's here!! 

What's really neat about each and every one of the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds workbooks is that they can easily correspond to the online program, since they are actually set up to match the same lessons and learning map. The company had the books purposely designed this way, so that students can have the option to use these with the online program. Since we also have an online membership, my son has been going through his lessons using the Mathseeds program, and then following up with what he had learned by completing the matching activity pages from his workbook.

The book has a consistent set-up that is divided up by learning maps with five lessons in each one, and four activity pages per lesson. These lessons match up with the learning map in the online program. For those who plan on using the workbooks this way, there's a small review panel section at the bottom of the last page of each lesson. This area gives students the chance to check off their achievements in both the workbook, as well as the corresponding online lessons. At the end of each learning map, there is also a quiz to test the student's knowledge on what they've previously learned. Our favorite page comes right after each quiz, and includes a certificate that can be awarded to the student. The certificate also has a checklist to highlight all of the many achievements that were accomplished throughout that specific learning map.


There are a total of fifty lessons and ten quizzes in the 200 Essential Math Skills for First Grade workbook. Through repetition and fun activities, my son is able to learn math concepts in his grade level and even beyond. So far, he's worked on plenty of sequencing, spatial recognition, and ordinal number activities, as well as some simple addition problems and even a quick introduction to fractions (halves and how to divide objects equally). We ended up skipping around a few lessons, since I wanted him to use the workbook pages for what we're currently doing in our math lessons. Of course, we'll eventually be going back to some of the other pages once we are ready to cover those specific math concepts. What I personally like about this workbook is that the pages are offered in full color and the details throughout are enticing for younger children. The lessons are both engaging and fun, especially for little ones who may not always enjoy doing desk work. 


What's really nice about the workbooks is that they're also flexible in the way that you choose to have your child use them. They're great as a standalone activity book to help supplement our current math lessons, however, the fact that they can also be paired up with the online program is a huge bonus. When my son had worked through Reading Eggs, last year, we did use some of the printables that were made available on the company's website. These were a nice option, but I especially prefer having the workbook pages readily available, because it means that I can save on ink and paper usage. Plus, the fact that all of the lessons are easily laid out in the same order as the online program means that my son can use them both side by side.

The Mathseeds program offers an interactive approach to learning by teaching core components in mathematics to children ages three through nine. It's not just homeschoolers who can benefit from this program; having a membership can be equally helpful whether your child is homeschooled or attends classes outside of the home. The program uses only a few activities to make the lessons short and sweet. At the same time, my son is able to really pick up on the math concepts being taught.


The new workbook series that is also available is a wonderful addition to what the company already offers. Since they follow the same outline as the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds online programs, they can be used in conjunction with each other. At the same time, students don't necessarily need to have an online membership to benefit from the what is covered in the workbooks. They can also be a great supplement for any current math or reading lessons that your child is working on.

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