The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible: Over 40 Stories of God's Power and Presence {Plus a GIVEAWAY}

The Holy Spirit is a gift from the Lord. When we walk in the spirit, we do so in accordance to God, submitting to His will. It important not just for adults to lead a spirit-filled life, but for children, as well. I always believe it's best to start as early in possible when it comes to teaching kids about the Holy Spirit and how they can let it lead their lives and do God's will. Recently, we've been reading a new book titled, The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible, which provides many examples and teachings of how the Holy Spirit worked through those who lived throughout Biblical history.

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God’s Spirit is living among God’s people.
He always was, always is, and always will be.
These are the stories that tell about him and what he does.

The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible brings to life more than 40 Bible stories that help readers understand that God’s Spirit has been with us since the beginning of time and continues to be with us today. From the glory of creation through the powerful letters of Paul, God’s Spirit is living in his people. Old and New Testament stories such as Adam and Eve, Abraham, Joseph, the Baptism of Jesus, and Pentecost come alive with dramatic illustrations by Fernando Juarez and moving text by Doris Rikkers. With a cover that sparkles and shines with foil, this is a special storybook Bible that will appeal to both children and parents alike.

Doris Wynbeek Rikkers is a freelance writer and editor who has written many bestselling children’s books and Bibles. Although she loves the ocean, she lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, surrounded by her books, her flower gardens, and her family and friends.

Spanish artist Fernando Juarez illustrates children’s books and also works as an art supervisor at the Madrid studio Ilion Animation. The company produces 3D feature films for children. Fernando has three kids himself, and if he has any time left after work and family, you might catch him playing guitar in a rock band.

While the title may suggest that this book is a Bible for children, it's actually more of a Bible storybook that offers paraphrased representations of many popular and even sometimes overlooked Bible stories. The book is divided into two parts, both the Old Testament and New Testament. The stories follow the same order as the Bible, with the first few starting with Genesis. Each one follows a similar set up that also begins with a notation on where it can be found in the actual Bible, as well as a scripture passage. 

Every story is a few pages long, and while the text may be a little more advanced for really young children who are just learning how to read, the writing is done so in a way that will appeal to children of all ages. We can actually spend hours on end reading the stories in this book and my son will just sit there attentively, taking in what he learns from the readings. There are plenty of stories that include examples as to why it is so important to let the Holy Spirit lead our lives. Children will read the stories and learn what happens when Biblical figures listen to God, but they'll also learn what happens when someone doesn't follow what the spirit is leading them to do. 

There is no mention of Revelation at the end of the book. Instead, the final stories end with Acts however, there is a really meaningful finale that I definitely appreciate. It includes a letter inspired by the words of Apostle Paul, followed by a final story about how the spirit lives in us today. This last section is really moving and offers an incredible reminder that the Lord didn't just move in the spirit long ago, but that He still does so, right up to this very day. This is a great teaching point for children of all ages as they learn all about why it is so important to follow God's will and walk in accordance with the Holy Spirit.

Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?
If I go up to the heavens, you are there;
If I make my bed in the depths, you are there.
If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
If I settle on the far side of the sea,
Even there your hand will guide me,
Your right hand will hold me fast.
~ Psalm 139: 7–10

I have a soft spot for illustrations, particularly those in children's books. I also love when an illustrator uses a unique style to convey the story being told. Fernando Juarez has done a phenomenal job at contributing his own artistic talent to this book, using whimsical imagery that will appeal to children of all ages. I can personally attest to this, because my son really enjoys just taking in the illustrations and vibrantly colored artwork as we flip page to page. 

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The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible is a beautiful addition to our collection of children's ministry reads. The collection of Bible stories included are both age-appropriate for young children and offer a nice introduction of how the Spirit of the Lord can move in people's lives.

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