Autumn Craft Finds from the Dollar Store

Arts and crafts are one of the many highlights of our week! Sometimes we're painting, sometimes we're gluing, other times we are molding clay objects. The time we spend doing all of these activities provides the perfect opportunity for my son to stretch his creative ability and build up on his fine motor skills. Oh, and of course, we always have tons of fun, too!

There's no shortage of craft ideas out there. Just a quick trip to Pinterest will give you more than enough creative inspiration to get started. There are also plenty of places where you can grab budget-friendly art supplies to make these ideas come to life. I personally enjoy perusing the craft aisle of the local big box stores, and of course while I'm out, I can't miss a quick visit to the dollar store. While I tend to be picky and choosy with what I purchase at dollar stores, I can actually find some pretty cool stuff there.

With the holidays coming up, I usually amp up my search for handy items that we could possibly use. Sometimes I like to think outside of the box and just grab random stuff that looks like it could be useful without even really having a plan of action of how we're going to ultimately use it. Of course, when the ideas start brewing in my head, most of the time, I'll already have supplies on hand to help us get started.

Take artificial leaves, for example. I always have a bulk of these on hand for random crafts. You can find these at the dollar store and other craft supply/big box stores. When my son was little, I used to take these and make sensory bottles for him. Now that he's a bit older, we enjoy using them for random art projects, especially around this time of year. We recently did a fun craft that was actually inspired by my son's Valentine's Day Heart Tree. This is a fun project where your child traces their forearm and hand to create the tree trunk and limbs. You can then paste different kinds of items onto the branches and around the tree. For the Valentine's Day craft, my son used foam hearts, but this time he had created an autumn themed variation using the artificial leaves.

My son thought it would be fun to glue some of the leaves 
on the page as if they were falling from the tree.

This is just one idea of how you can make those little inexpensive trinkets in the craft and dollar stores work for your arts and crafts time. Sometimes around the holidays, the dollar store and other favorites of mine like Hobby Lobby will stock little craft kits that pretty much come with everything you need to put together a simple and easy project. These particular kits are fabulous, because they are kid-friendly and you don't even have to hunt down extra materials to put everything together. Just a few weeks ago, I discovered some really cute autumn and Thanksgiving Foam Craft Kits.


These were only a $1.00 each and came with everything we needed to create an adorable seasonal craft. I especially love when I can find foam, and even felt craft kits, because they are wonderful if you have really young children, since they're super easy to put together.

Do you enjoy putting together crafts with your children? Have you discovered any cool holiday arts and crafts finds at your local stores...perhaps you have one that you'd like to share? Be sure to chime in, below. I'd love to hear about it! 

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