Octonauts: Season Two DVD Gift Set Review + GIVEAWAY

It's no secret we're all about marine life and underwater adventures. Perhaps that's why we enjoy the Octonauts so much! What I like most about the show is that there is plenty of educational content to go around. As the crew explores the depths of the ocean and even some areas out of the sea, they learn all kinds of new and interesting things. 


We recently received the Octonauts: Season Two DVD Gift Set that not only includes two DVDs to cover the entire second season, but three special edition Octonauts toy figures, including Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, and Peso Penguin. My son was super excited to not only have the DVDs, but the toy characters, so he can play and watch the show all at the same time. It's fun watching my son reenact each episode's scenario with these little guys. Oh, and their arms and legs glow in the dark, so he also thought that was pretty neat!

The set of DVDs includes twenty-four complete episodes from Season Two, and has a total run time of 300 minutes. 

Disk 1 Episode Adventures Include:
  • Great White Shark
  • Sea Snakes
  • Adelie Penguins
  • Coconut Crabs
  • Colossal Squid
  • Jawfish
  • Flying Swords
  • Fiddler Crabs
  • Porcupine Puffer
  • Manta Rays
  • Scared Sperm Whale
  • Long Armed Squid

Disk 2 Episode Adventures Include:
  • Bowhead Whales
  • Damselfish
  • Amazon Adventure
  • Humphead Parrotfish
  • Leafy Sea Dragons
  • Manatees
  • Mimic Octopus
  • Triggerfish
  • Saltwater Crocodile
  • Gulper Ells
  • Lionfish
  • Very Vegimal Christmas

Humorous, entertaining, and educational are just a few words to describe the Octonauts! We got to watch the crew travel through the Amazon to meet Kwazii's long lost grandfather and go on a treasure hunt. We learned about tonic immobility as the gang induces it in a great white shark, so that Peso can fix his injured fin. There's even a Christmas themed episode included!


One of our favorite features on both disks is the inclusion of all the Creature Reports separate from the actual episodes. The Creature Report is usually found at the end of each episode of the Octonauts. It includes a catchy tune that the characters sing while recapping the day to day findings and educational information that they've learned from that episode. While the Creature Reports are still included at the end of the episodes, each disk also offers the option to just watch the reports back to back without playing any of the episodes. This is a handy option if we want to go back and recall the fun facts that were offered about any one particular topic. 



Deluxe set includes three bendable figures. Two DVDs. Dive into adventure with your favorite underwater explorers, the Octonauts! Join brave Captain Barnacles, daredevil ex-pirate, Kwazii, medic Peso Penguin and the rest of the crew, as they explore the world s oceans, rescue the creatures who live there and protect their habitats - above and below the waves! Based on the richly imaginative books by Meomi, this series combines immersive visuals and 'submersive' humor to transport young children into a world that is both real and fantastic, full of mysteries to unravel and surprises around every corner. In this season set, encounter all types of creatures from the Great White Shark to Lionfish and more! The adventures don't end there! Embark on an Amazon adventure with the Octonauts as they travel down the Amazon River in search of a lost city and Kwazii's long lost grandfather, Calico Jack! So, come aboard the Octopod for 24 exciting missions!

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