A Poetic Bedtime Story: Sleep, My Bunny {Review + GIVEAWAY}

Throughout the years, we have established a good bedtime routine with our little one. First, we clean up any toys we've been playing with. We then put on our pajamas; next we brush our teeth, and then get ready to snuggle up under the covers. Of course, there are a few extras that we like to include such as our evening prayers, and of course a good bedtime story to help my son drift off to sleep. While all stories are fair game, we do have a special nook where we store all of his favorite books to read before bed. Sleep, My Bunny is the latest member of the bedtime story brigade, and has been a new favorite to help my son drift off to dreamland.

As soon as we received Sleep, My Bunny, there was something all too familiar about that adorable illustrated bunny on the front cover. As it turns out, this was not the first book that we've ever owned with artwork by Rosemary Wells. In fact, a quick visit to our poetry and nursery rhyme collection soon revealed that she had also contributed to the illustrations in My Very First Mother Goose, which is always a cherished read here in our home.

Rosemary Wells has written and/or illustrated more than 120 books for children and has received many awards. She is the author-illustrator of Stella’s Starliner and Love Waves; the creator of the beloved Max and Ruby stories and the Felix and Fiona series; and the illustrator of My Very First Mother Goose and Here Comes Mother Goose,both edited by Iona Opie. Rosemary Wells lives in a small town in Connecticut.

Sleep, My Bunny is almost like a poem. With the turn of each page, it offers adorable artwork and almost a nursery rhyme feel that my son enjoys quite a bit–so much that we often end up reading it several times in a row. He just likes it that much! I can also appreciate the larger size text throughout, which can be quite helpful, especially since I have an early reader who may soon want to try reading this on his own.

The author uses prose that ties in with various themes in nature to represent the night, "The owls and crickets are singing together...The night wind has taken the moon for a ride." As the poem goes on, there is a transition from night to the anticipation for daytime, which is soon near. The words can easily be compared to how we prepare our own children for bed, reminding them that a new day of fun is just around the corner.


It's never too early to share the gift of poetry with children. This is a beautiful hardcover picture book that can equally be enjoyed by both babies and young children. It's also a wonderful resource to introduce poetic prose to younger ages, so that they can come to appreciate it as they grow older.

Sleep, My Bunny is set to be released on November 13, 2018, and is available for pre-order. You can also enter for your chance to win a copy right here. I will be picking one winner to receive this beautiful new picture book. To enter, please follow the giveaway prompts, below.