Unique Book Recommendations for Young Readers #GiftGuide

It's almost that time, again! Soon the stores will be packed with crowds of people seeking out the perfect holiday gift for that special someone. If you have young readers in your life, then more than likely you are looking for just the right book that will spark their interest. If I'm right, then you are going to want to read further down this post, because I have some unique children's book selections that you are not going to want to pass up.

by Ingela P. Arrhenius

Perhaps you know a child who lives in the city, or just finds the hustle and bustle fascinating in some way. If so, then this is a nice pick that is perfect for younger children who are just starting to read. There isn't much text included with the exception of large words spread out throughout the pages in all sorts of cool typefaces. Of course, these aren't just random words, but ones that are used to describe anything and everything you might see in a big city. From newsstands to bridges to cafes to museums, if you can think of a word to describe what you'll discover in the city, more than likely you'll probably find it in this book.

One other neat feature about City is that it's exceptionally large...I mean really big! This hardcover picture book measures in at almost 14x18 inches...wow! So not only is it interesting to flip through, but there are large pages of fun urban-themed illustrations to really captivate the reading audience.


A World of Cities 
by James Brown

Now that we're on the topic of cities, here's another one to add to the wishlist for young explorers out there, and was written by the same author who gave us A World of Information. This is honestly the perfect gift for armchair travelers both young and old, since it offers an all-inclusive, comprehensive tour of some of the most popular cities around the world, including Paris, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, and Cairo, to name a few.

The book is also rather large in size at almost 11x14 inches, so readers will be more than impressed with each two-page spread full of vintage style illustrations depicting signature landmarks, along with a vast collection of information about each city, including history, customs, culture, etc. This book offers learning experience after learning experience with the turn of each page, and would make a great gift for those who enjoy geography and studying the unique attributes of different countries.


Young poets will cherish this extravagant collection of nature-themed poems, 366 of them to be exact. I might add that this is a beautiful addition to any child's library and can be used for leisure reading, or as a handy resource for poetry studies in a homeschool. The book contains literary works from some of the most noteworthy writers, including William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, John Updike, Langston Hughes, N. M. Bodecker, and Okamoto Kanoko.

To be quite honest, this book can't be limited for one age group, because it can easily be appreciated by children and adults, alike. What's really special about this book is that the poems are categorized by seasons and the months of the year, hence the reason why there are 366 of them. Each day of the year (along with an extra day for a leap year) gets a poem, so you could read one per day, or if you just can't get enough of them, keep on reading (we won't tell). It also comes with a convenient ribbon bookmark sewn right into the spine, so readers can easily keep their place from one day to the next. This hardcover book is beautiful with gorgeous artwork by Frann Preston-Gannon that encompasses the changes in the seasons, and would make a really thoughtful gift for fans of poetry.


Into the Jungle: Stories for Mowgli 
by Katherine Rundell

I saved my ultimate favorite for last! Now this is not to say that the books listed, above, aren't great, because they really are. There is just something so special about this last one. If you know a child who loves The Jungle Book, then this selection is a definite must for their reading collection. As an adult, I was captivated and drawn into the stories, just as much as my son was as we read this together. The book is a rather thick hardcover with a handy ribbon book mark sewn into the spine, so readers can keep their place.

Included, are a collection of stories connected in some way to the original Jungle Book story. Only this time, the stories don't revolve solely around Mowgli. Instead, the reader is given background tales of the animals that are present throughout the jungle. We read a fascinating story about Mother Wolf when she was young, and the melancholy, yet moving tale of Bagheera the panther. What I love most about this book is that it gives you a whole new perspective on the creatures that were present in The Jungle Book, since you are able to really learn a little piece of their history though various accounts of their lives. As a bonus, the unique illustrations by Kristjana S. Williams are also really something to take in as they help tell the stories of each protagonist.

I personally like that each one of these books has a little something different to offer readers. It is my hope that this collection can inspire you, and offer ideas on the perfect book to give to that special someone who loves to read.