Our Latest Student/Teacher Resources from Carson-Dellosa

The last few months have been some of the busiest for me, thus far (at least for this year). With all of the holiday hustle and bustle going on, I didn't want to forget to share some of the amazing student and teacher resources that were recently sent over to us from Carson-Dellosa.

It's still autumn, but here in New York we've been blasted by a lot of snow and record freezing temperatures, lately, so it feels more like winter. In all reality, we officially have a few more weeks of autumn left. If you are still feeling the fall season and aren't ready to switch over to winter just yet, then here are a few seasonal resources that you're going to want to check out.

This is such an adorable pack of leaf and acorn cut-outs that's perfect for any type of autumn-themed project that you have going on. They can be used as wall art or to decorate a homeschool/classroom learning area, but my favorite way to put them to good use is to incorporate them into our kindergarten phonics and vocabulary studies during this time of year, since they do offer a little fall flair. I'll write words on them and have my son pick and read out each one. This year around Thanksgiving, we also did a fun project where we used the cut-outs to write out things that we're thankful for. We then posted them around the home as decor. In addition to being so versatile, these cut-outs are really high-quality. I especially love that they come in various designs, including six different leaf styles (two brown, two orange, and two yellow), and four different acorn styles, so you can mix and match as you please.

These apple cut-outs are perfect for just about any time of the year, but I personally feel that they would be fantastic for displaying at the beginning of the new school year or during the autumn months. Whenever we approach the fall season each year, we enjoy celebrating apple season with all kinds of fun apple-themed crafts and educational activities, so these will come in handy for word memory and vocabulary match games, as well as other learning projects. The cut-outs are high-quality and offer a glossy, vibrant red finish. The little blue worm also gives these such an adorable touch.

I am loving these adorable apple stickers that actually match several of the other components that are also available from Carson-Dellosa, including the apple cut-outs that I had just mentioned, above. These can be used to complete an apple-themed bulletin board or learning area set up, along with some of the other matching items. I personally like using them as reward stickers for a job well done. My son will be doing a tree craft project where he'll also be putting them to good use. It should be a lot of fun! (I'll be sure to post photos once he's finished)

This is such a pretty bulletin board kit! The set comes with six separate pieces to create the tree trunk, limbs, and branches, and there are forty-three green leaves that can be placed throughout in order to bring everything to life. I really like the versatility with this set, because there are plenty of different ways in which it can be used. If you are a classroom teacher you could place student's names on each leaf. As a homeschooler, I can add vocabulary words or math equations to fit what we're currently working on. I also like that I can keep it simple, or add additional seasonal elements such as autumn colored leaves and acorns using the Leaves & Acorns Cut-Outs that I had mentioned, above. I can even spruce it up for spring with flowers or birds (like these colorful Boho Bird Mini Cut-Outs). Carson-Dellosa also offers additional matching leaf cut-outs that can be added to this, which is super convenient.

Offering Bits of Encouragement Along the Way!

Children are so impressionable when they are younger. From promoting a love for learning or spreading kindness to others, these colorful charts are just the thing to add a little extra encouragement to any child's day! 

Each chart measures in at about 17" x 22" and is made of durable cardstock material. The "Stay Curious" chart would make such a nice addition to any classroom or homeschooling area, because of it's simple, yet encouraging message that lets children know that an inquisitive mind is a good thing and always welcome! The "Other People Matter" chart offers a positive message to remind children about the importance of being kind to others. The adorable woodland creatures displayed are irresistible with their cuteness, which makes this especially appropriate for younger children. Each creature is different, so the message teaches kids that while we may be unique in some way, we all matter just the same.


This third chart is my favorite! Just look at that adorable fawn standing up proudly to demonstrate the message also being displayed in colorful text, "Stand Tall." This simple reminder will offer a big dose of encouragement to children, especially younger ages, as it teaches them that they, too, can make a big impact in the world.

We love books, so one of my favorite additions to our latest package of goodies is the You Have a Pet What?! Reader. Not only can my son practice and build up on his reading comprehension skills, but he has been learning about six different unique and interesting pet choices, including a skunk, bearded dragon, hedgehog, pygmy goat, mini pig, and ferret. This is a sturdy hardcover book with pages upon pages of beautiful animal photography. There are different chapters that break down the ins and outs of taking care of each of these animals. The chapters go into great detail to discuss each creature and even include various diagrams, charts, and glossaries.

Since it is a reader, there are plenty of helpful features such as vocabulary words, as well as before and after reading comprehension activities that really help get kids get involved in what they're reading. The book is both engaging and fun as we learned that a bearded dragon's diet needs to be supplemented with vitamins, and that pygmy goats need to live in groups, so it's best to have at least two of them. There have been a lot of discussions around my home about getting a new pet, lately. While we more than likely won't be getting a hedgehog or pygmy goat, this was still a fun book to read and a great addition to our learning library!

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