Frugal & Fun Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids

We're all about arts and crafts fun! This time of the year is always nice, because we enjoy putting together all kinds of holiday creations. Setting up a Christmas arts and crafts station for kids doesn't have to break the bank, either. There are plenty of places to grab inexpensive craft supplies and even complete craft kits. Those kits are especially nice for younger children, since they are child-friendly and come with everything they need to create a precious masterpiece.

Last month, I shared some of my frugal finds for putting together our autumn crafts. I also have a three-part series that I had previously put together to introduce some of the handy holiday craft supplies you can pick up right at your local dollar store. Today, I wanted to share some of our most recent frugal craft finds for this year's festive creations.

Stickers, stickers, and more stickers! Oh, and confetti, too!!

I always make sure to keep craft gemstones on hand. You never know when you are going to need them. I was so excited when I had also found a few bags of pretty snowflake and holiday colored varieties. These are really nice, because they already have sticky backs on them (no glue needed).

The foam glitter stickers, shown below, are my favorite. You can find them in all kinds of designs, from pretty red bows, to bright colored stars, and this year's special find, white snowflakes!

Tiny gem stickers are also great to have on hand, and have a multitude of different uses. We had some green and red leftover from last year. My store also carries a good selection of other colors.

I also found some pretty blue and white snowflake confetti! My son loves it when I pull out the confetti bags from our craft drawer. Not only does he enjoy using it for various craft activities, but he LOVES to play with it–and when I mean "play," I mean throw it up in the air and make a mess! Hey, it's all in good fun! Just be sure to keep a vacuum cleaner or broom and dustpan at arm's reach.



Foam Angels and Snowflakes

I picked up two packs of these angel and snowflake shaped foam pieces from my local Dollar Tree. They remind me of the gingerbread man foam pieces that I had found during last year's shopping haul. These are thin foam cutouts that have many different uses. My son loves decorating them up. He created this special Christmas angel with a festive pom-pom gown. I also helped him make a gold halo out of a sparkly pipe cleaner.

He also loved putting together what I like to call his "snowflake masterpiece" using some of the gem and glitter snowflake stickers. I think it came out so pretty! I'm a proud mom...what can I say?! Since the foam pieces are a bit on the thin side, what I decided to do is reinforce his finished work onto a piece of paper. To make it even more festive, I used some glitter construction paper that has little sparkles infused right into the paper.


Christmas Ball Ornaments

I had first introduced these plastic ornament balls in our holiday craft haul from last year. They were such a hit, I made sure to pick up a few more for this year's festivities. I even found a much larger four inch variety, in addition to the standard size we always get. The possibilities are endless with these Christmas ornaments. You can stuff them with all kinds of trinkets and even decorate the outside. We personally like to use pom-poms and sparkly confetti. We also added some tiny red bells this time around. I had some leftover holly confetti from last year, and we used some of that lovely blue and white snowflake confetti (shown, above). I also cut up some sparkly pipe cleaners and let my son have at it. Not only is this craft tons of fun, but it's a great activity for younger children, because it encourages fine motor skills practice. After filling each ornament, we closed them up and then my son decorated the outside with some of the gem and glitter stickers.


After visiting my local Dollar Tree, I also stopped by one of my other favorite stores for frugal crafts (and a million other things, but that's for an entirely new blog post), Hobby Lobby. There are plenty of great finds at this store, and what I especially love is that there's always something on sale. If what you need is not on sale that week, be sure to grab their 40% off coupon that's always available on their website (this coupon will also reset each week). 

Felt Christmas Ornament Kits

Around the holidays, Hobby Lobby likes to put their Christmas items on sale, typically anywhere from 40% to 50% off. There's a lot to choose from, but I fell in love with their felt holiday ornament kits, which were only $4.99. They were also 40% off at the time, so I only paid $3.00 for each kit! These kits also come with enough to make six ornaments. I think that's quite a bargain!

I decided to go with the stocking and snowman kits, which are so adorable! Everything is pre-cut and there are even sticky backings on every piece, so you don't need any additional supplies to put each ornament together. My son had a lot of fun with both sets. Tiny pieces such as the snowman's buttons were a little finicky to initially tear out of the stencil, since they're super small, but we still managed. Aren't they just adorable?!

Sometimes we like to get fancy with our arts and crafts projects, but then there are others times when we just like to keep it as simple as can be. These are just a few different "easy peasy" ideas for holiday arts and crafts time. Plus, they're all frugal options! Everything that I had mentioned here was found at my local dollar store, with the exception of the felt craft kits from Hobby Lobby (which were also on sale). You really don't have to end up spending a fortune on holiday craft supplies. Another great thing is that these items can be used by many different age groups, so both older and younger children can have a blast putting together their own special creative projects for the Christmas season!

What kind of arts and crafts activities have you and your children been up to? I can't wait to hear more about it! You're welcome to share your fun ideas, below.

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