Shoot for the Stars with These Fun Space-Themed Educational Supplies

Many of you who are reading this have probably heard the news that I am one of Carson Dellosa's Brand Ambassadors for 2019. One of the amazing things about being a brand ambassador for Carson Dellosa Education is the chance to discover new educational products for our homeschool. What's even better is having the opportunity to share them with you.

To ring in the New Year, the company has just released their new Galaxy product line, which is out of this world (pun intended)!

Plan, Plan, Plan...

It's no secret to any who knows me, I thrive on organization! While we sometimes go on a whim in some aspects of our homeschool, I still like to keep to our planned items as much as I can. My big secret is to jot things down in pencil, so they can easily be changed if need be. I keep two types of planners, one is a binder where I add long term/yearly learning goals, notes, state law information, and plenty of other tidbits to help keep this homeschooling mom as organized as can be. Honestly, I love my binder set-up and keep everything homeschool related in it, but it is a bit on the bulky side, so as of lately I have been using the Aim High Teacher Plan Book from Carson Dellosa Education, which is a little more streamline. While this planner is geared more towards classroom teachers, I've found that it still does work nicely for what I personally need it for, and that is to solely plan out our weekly scheduled lessons. 

Since I'm already familiar with the company's planners, I was excited to get my hands on the new Galaxy Teacher Planner Plan Book. The set up is very similar to my current planner, but incorporates a fun space theme. I like the simplicity and practical set-up of this planner, especially the fact that it's lightweight and spiral bound. Of course, my all time favorite feature is that this doesn't already have the days, weeks, and year preprinted. Since things happen and our schedule may change, I like having the option of keeping things flexible. The extra tab stickers are also a nice bonus. These can be used to divide sections such as months, weeks, subjects, etc. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the inspirational quotes that are spread throughout the planner like the one shown in the photo, above, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

A Little Extra Encouragement Goes a Long Way...

While a good education is the best reward, it's still nice to give little "job well done" tokens of appreciation to my son, especially when he's worked so hard in school. These Galaxy Reward Tags Recognition Awards are super adorable and have a fun space motif. They're also a nice alternative to traditional stickers and include plenty of encouraging sayings on them, such as "Never Give Up," "Superstar Reader," and "Brilliant in Math." There are blank cards where I can also add in my own messages. Sometimes I'll include an inspirational sticker in the middle of those.

Bulletin Board Inspiration for Small Areas

This is our new "Out of This World" bulletin board!!

We don't have a designated homeschool room; we pretty much do our lessons wherever it seems fitting at the time. We typically use a mobile white board and easel for our lessons, however, we do have a small magnetic blackboard hanging on the wall where I like to add in extra learning tidbits and encouragement for each school week. With the new Galaxy Calendar Bulletin Board Set, Motivational Signs, and Colorful Planet Cut-Outs, I was able to put together a mini space-themed bulletin board set-up that actually fit perfectly on our current blackboard.

It's not often that a bulletin board set works for our homeschool, but the smaller size signs and cut-outs are perfect for our current set up, and the space theme is really cool, too! I like having the additional monthly banners that I can easily change out. Right now, we are using this bulletin board to showcase some of my son's learning highlights for the month.



If you don't have a lot of wall space, but would still like to put together a fun bulletin board for your homeschool learning area, I highly recommend checking out Carson Dellosa's mini bulletin board sets.

Kindergarten Science Fun...

Those planet cut-outs that I used in the bulletin board are pretty neat! We had plenty leftover after putting the board together, so we decided to use them for some kindergarten science fun. While these cut-outs don't exactly resemble the actual planets in our own solar system, we were still able to use our imagination and complement them with some of our other space related learning trinkets.

We're loving the new Galaxy line from Carson Dellosa Education! You can learn more about these products or the rest of what the company has to offer by visiting their website.