35 Fun Easter Basket Designs For All Ages

The countdown to Easter has begun! In our home, we like to keep our holiday Christ-centered–making sure to celebrate the true reason for this time of year with plenty of activities and readings to honor Jesus' resurrection.

Of course, I also enjoy stuffing an Easter basket full of all kinds of goodies for our son and then watching his face light up as he goes through everything. Easter baskets have sure come a long way since I was a little girl. Traditional wicker baskets are great, but there are also plenty of fun, new designs out there that are worth the attention. Some baskets can even be reused year after year. 

This is actually the tradition that we had implemented when my son was a baby. We had found the most adorable plush bunny basket...I couldn't resist those long floppy ears! We bring out the basket every Easter holiday and stuff it with fun trinkets for my son to discover. When the holiday is over, the bunny goes back into hiding until the following year. It's a really fun tradition that has already brought magical moments during the past several years, and I know it will be one that will last for many more years to come (although my son may prefer something a little less cuddly when he gets older).

I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of some of the unique Easter basket designs that I have recently come across. I've even added a few picks for older children. Some of these choices can even be personalized, which makes everything all the more special! If you're searching for a new Easter basket this season; it is my hope that these choices will help inspire you.


13) Bunny Burlap Bag (A great option for Easter egg hunts!)

14) Personalized Easter Basket Bucket

15) Bearington Plush Yellow Duck Kids Easter Egg Basket (Is this not the cutest basket?! If we didn't already have our bunny basket, this would be a top contender!)

(photo credit: BeFreeFabricWorks)

23) Personalized Easter Tote (Be sure to take a look at the other items around her store. She has such adorable styles for both boys and girls)

 (photo credit: byERICASIMONE )


Here are some picks that are perfect for older children who may be past the whole stuffed animal phase.

28) Natural Jute Easter Basket  (Aren't these beautiful?! They would also be nice for Easter decor around the home.)

 (photo credit: northwoodsbazaar )

These next two are really neat, because kids and teens can use them for extra storage in their room:

(photo credit: RusticStationDesigns)


You can never go wrong with a traditional wicker basket! This one adds a little extra something with cute gingham style liners that can be personalized with the recipient's name. I love that they come in several different colors, too!

(photo credit: DesignsbyDaffy)


For children who fancy anything that flies or has wheels, here are four adorable options to choose from.

If you put together a basket for the Easter holiday, do you purchase a new one each year, or do you have a reusable basket or container that has become a part of your family tradition? Be sure to chime in with your comments, below!