Faith That's Simple and Real: Love Does for Kids + GIVEAWAY

The evidence of Jesus' love for us isn't just in the big things that we see in our lives. His love is equally present in the little things, too. Whether it's the joyous share of laughter among friends, a helpful gesture from a stranger in a time of need, or the precious once in a lifetime memories that are created between family members–one thing's for sure, Jesus is present in every aspect of our lives. Faith doesn't have to be complex, either! We can see the Lord's love for us each and every day, if we choose to look for it.

Love Does for Kids is based off of it's adult counterpart, Love Does. This book offers a treasure trove of fun tales and thought-provoking stories that are not only engaging for kids of all ages, but even adults will enjoy them just as much. Bob Goff and his family live quite the interesting life, from making close friends with ambassadors from all around the world (and even having them over as house guests), to dropping down ice cream sandwiches out of a seaplane to a group of high school kids who are hiking a mountain trail–you can definitely see how this family lives life to the fullest and even knows how to pay it forward, too. 

As my son and I sat and read this together, I couldn't help, but be inspired by what we were reading. You can imagine how wondrous the stories were to my young child. To him, they may have even sounded more like fictional tales. What's really neat about this book is that all of the stories are actually true.

Love Does for Kids shares forty-six personal stories from the Goff family. Some are simple tales of family bonding, while others tell of magnificent adventures that you wouldn't believe. What's beautiful about each one, is that they also parallel God's great love for us and the connection between His wonders, and the beauty in the little things in our lives that can actually make a huge impact. 


Faith in God can be exciting, daring, and fun. Love Does for Kids, the follow up to Bob Goff’s New York Times bestselling Love Does, shares some of the Goff family’s wild adventures—from holding a neighborhood parade to writing presidents from around the world. Children will laugh, dream, and be inspired to make a difference for God as they read these faith adventures from Bob and his daughter, Lindsey.

As a little boy with a big personality and even bigger dreams, Bob Goff had lots of questions, and they didn't go away when he grew up. It wasn’t until he learned just how big and wild and wonderful God is that he began to find answers. Once Bob learned about the deep goodness of God, he began to learn about the great power God gives His kids when they live a life full of love for others. Kids everywhere will love Bob and Lindsey's stories about how love does. With childlike faith, enthusiasm, and great whimsy, young readers will feel instantly connected to a love that acts as much as it feels. Children will walk away with a sense of wonder at how great God is and will feel empowered to do things that will make a tangible difference in the world.

Bob Goff is the founder of Love Does, a nonprofit organization that operates schools and pursues justice for children in conflict areas such as Uganda, Somalia, and Iraq. Bob is a lawyer and serves as the honorary consul for the Republic of Uganda to the United States. He is an adjunct professor at Pepperdine Law School and Point Loma Nazarene University and lives in San Diego with Sweet Maria, their kids, and extended family.

Lindsey Goff Viducich loves kids. She began her teaching career at a therapeutic childcare center in Seattle and went on to teach kindergarten in Nashville, first grade in Salem, Oregon, and both first and second grades in San Diego. Lindsey lives with her husband Jon and their spends most of her free time creating art and living new stories with her family.

The stories in Love Does for Kids are often funny, sometimes endearing, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they're extraordinary in their own way. Just a forewarning, it will be awfully difficult to set this book down. Kids will be asking for more, and adults will be doing the same. Younger children will enjoy sitting together with older siblings or parents as they listen to the fun-loving stories. Older children will enjoy sitting in their own quiet time to read them, while reporting back to their parents about what they've just read. Personally, some of the stories even gave me vivid memories of my own childhood. It's such a great read for all ages! Story after story, the smiles won't let up, ether. Even the illustrations were fun and had us chuckling. While reading this heartwarming collection of tales, young readers will also discover the message in each one, and that is the impact a relationship with God can have and the many ways He will move in our lives.

I am so happy to be sharing Love Does for Kids with my readers! I'm also offering a chance to win a copy! One winner will be chosen in this giveaway. To enter, be sure to follow the giveaway prompts, below. Thank you for entering!

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