Epic: The Story that Changed the World

When I think of some of the most incredible pieces of literature ever written, the Bible definitely hits number one on the list. "Epic" is a word that can describe some of the stories and events that have occurred throughout Biblical history. That brings me to the newest treasure in our collection of children's reads, Epic: The Story that Changed the World. This book includes 320 pages of nonstop Bible stories. From a great flood, to heroes that conquered evil, to the amazing miracles that Jesus had performed; children will be taken on a journey through Biblical times to discover the stories and understand God's great master plan from beginning to end. 

Epic: The Story that Changed the World is a graphic novel style Bible storybook featuring 40 stories and life-application questions circling back to the one big story of Jesus and making biblical events more relevant for today's youth. The book features familiar yet remained art from the One Big Story brand that is perfect for engaging older kids and preteen readers.

Aaron Armstrong is an author, blogger, and Brand Manager for The Gospel Project, based outside of Nashville, Tennessee. He has written several books, including Epic: The Story that Changed the World as well as the screenplays for the documentaries Through The Eyes of Spurgeon, and LUTHER: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer. He writes daily at BloggingTheologically.com, and his writing has appeared on numerous websites including The Gospel Coalition, For the Church, Crosswalk.com, and ChurchLeaders.com

From the moment we opened this book, it has been a complete Bible adventure! Even for a children's Bible storybook, the author was sure to encompass plenty of fine details about the many accounts throughout Bible history, all while making it enjoyable for children of all ages to read. Aaron Armstrong's writing style has an almost edge of your seat effect. Each time my son and I sat down to read this, it is was difficult to just stop after one story. As each story comes to an end, the final lines leave you wanting to see what happens next. What a great way to get kids excited about learning God's word!


One of my favorite aspects throughout the book is that Jesus is consistently tied in, even in the Old Testament stories. While reading the Bible as adults, we learn about the prophecies and how they tell of His coming in the Old Testament, but for children, the messages can sometimes be missed. Epic does a wonderful job at teaching kids that Jesus, our Messiah, is the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come.


Not only does this book contain exciting narrative, but the illustrations are just as "epic!" As a graphic novel, the artwork does not disappoint. Even the table of contents is displayed in illustrations, which I thought was a really neat touch. I love that Health McPherson was brought back for another One Big Story creation. He is responsible for the illustrations in the rest of the children's books from this collection. Being able to see the same style of artwork in Epic, really helps connect the entire series together.

At the very end of the book there is a page called the Parent Connection. This is something that we have seen in other books that are also part of The Gospel Project for Kids series. The Parent Connection is a wonderful resource that allows parents and children to further discuss not only what they've just read in the book, but how God's word can be applied to our everyday lives. This book, coupled with the extra Parent Connection resource, really helps open the door to further discussion and life application.

Epic: The Story that Changed the World was created for children in the eight to twelve year age range; however, I can attest that even younger ages will enjoy this one just as much. The same can be said for adults, too! As I had briefly mentioned, above, we had a difficult time stopping at just one Bible story. There is so much to learn from the Bible, and Epic does a wonderful job at teaching some of the more noteworthy stories in a fun and engaging way. We already own several of the other books in the One Big Story collection, and enjoy each and every one of them quite a bit. While not every book in the Bible is included in Epic, there are forty amazing stories that offer detailed accounts of the people and historic events from Biblical times. Children can read this and walk away with a strong understanding of God's word throughout time and his plans for us in our own lives.

Be sure to keep a look out for the next installment in the One Big Story collection, Epic Devotions: 52 Weeks in the Story that Changed the World. We're pretty excited about this one, and can't wait to check it out!