Rejoicing Motherhood: The Wonder That is You ~ Plus a GIVEAWAY

I'll never forget the day when I had first found out that I was pregnant with my son. There was a mix of disbelief, shock, and of course pure happiness and excitement. You see, I've always known that I wanted to be a mother, although it didn't come as easily for me. There were endless nights of tears, praying, and hoping through many trials. Then one day when I had least expected, it happened–I received the best news of my life...I was going to be a mommy!

All those years of hoping and praying weren't for nothing–as I sit here writing this, I can hear my little boy cheerfully playing in the other room. Ah, it's the sound of pure joy! It was just a matter of the Lord's perfect timing. The events and circumstances that have led me to where I am now are something that I never take for granted. Being a mother is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Just recently, I had been in touch with one of our favorite children's authors, Glenys Nellist. Throughout the past few years, we have been blessed to read many of her books, each one presenting an invitation to just snuggle up on the couch and read. This time, we were invited to read Glenys' newest treasure, The Wonder That is You. What makes this book so near and dear to my heart is the story's theme. Ms. Nellist had written this book in dedication to her first born as a tribute to what it felt like to first experience motherhood.

Ms. Nellist had shared a little background to her inspiration for The Wonder That is You on her social media page:

The Story You Won't Believe...

It is February 1984. I'm 25 years old and I'm lying in a hospital bed, with my firstborn son asleep in the little cot at my side. He's just a few hours old. It's dark and I fall asleep. And during the night I have THE most amazing, memorable, crazy dream of my entire life. I'm flying, flying high, in the utter dark, soaring upwards and upwards, until I land on a rooftop. And there I sit, swinging my legs for joy, like a little girl on a swing, while the moon and the stars rejoice right along with me, because I'm a mum. And that's it. Except that three days later, when my husband comes to collect me and my little one, I glance back at the building where he was born and I realize that THIS was the building I sat on, in the dark. I recognize all the windows I flew past, and the flat rooftop where I was swinging my legs. And I know it was no dream, and that somehow all that joy, that I just couldn't contain, catapulted me out of my body, and the moon and the stars were filled with joy too. And that's the reason I wrote this book, which I hope will resonate with mums everywhere. Suppose all creation rejoices the day you become a parent?

What an amazing story that had led to where she is today and this beautiful book, which she is now sharing with all of us!

Glenys Nellist was born and raised in a little village in northern England. The author of multiple children's books, including the bestselling 'Twas the Evening of Christmas and the popular series Love Letters from God and Snuggle Time, her writing reflects a deep passion for helping children discover joy in the world. Glenys lives in Michigan with her husband, David.

Every parent dreams of embracing their new child. When that dream comes true, it’s as if all of creation rejoices with them.... A heartwarming book that beautifully captures the universal love and joy parents feel as they celebrate the arrival of their new child. A perfect gift for baby showers, baptisms, adoptions, birthdays, or any time you want to tell your little one how much they are loved.

Becoming a mother was a prominent turning point in my life. Perhaps it was all that praying to get to where I longed to be, or the initial gaze my son and I had shared when I first held him in my arms. There's nothing like it in the universe! If you can relate to what I'm talking about, then The Wonder That is You will surely resonate in your heart. This story is both heartwarming and whimsical as it celebrates the birth of a new child and how all of creation rejoiced on that day.

I remember one of the first gifts that I had received after my son's birth was a beautiful book titled, On the Night You Were Born. I had practically read this precious book to my son almost every day when he was a baby, and we still read it quite a bit to this day. As soon as we started to read The Wonder That is You, I could feel that same heartfelt message; it felt so familiar, reminding little ones of how special they are and the incredible impact that they can have on the world around them. 

It felt as if the world stood still
The day my dream came true,
And all creation paused to see
The wonder that is you.

I thought I heard the trees clap hands
And as their leaves unfurled,
They whispered softly in the breeze,
Welcome to our world.

Nellist's writing is graceful and poetic. The narrative felt so personal, I don't think I could have described the feeling of being a new mother any better. The illustrations by Aurelie Blanz are absolutely gorgeous with beautiful watercolors showing precious babies as they are being embraced by their mothers. This is one book that we haven't stopped reading since the day it arrived at our doorstep. 


The Wonder That is You is an ode to the joyous occasion of becoming a mother. It shares sweet sentiments of how a baby can change everything in an instant, making our most desired dreams come true. Your life is no longer just about you, it's about this precious child that God has gifted to you. I can't think of a more blessed occasion to write a book about!

While this is a children's picture book, it would make a fantastic gift for mothers, taking them back to the wondrous day when they had first met their child. What a heartfelt way to reminisce about that special moment, sharing it with our little ones, so that they will know just how wonderful they are.

I am so happy to be part of a ten-week blog tour that Glenys Nellist is hosting and even more excited to be sharing a wonderful giveaway opportunity with my readers. One person will be randomly chosen to receive The Wonder That is You! To enter this giveaway, please follow the prompts, below. 

The Wonder That is You Book Giveaway