Insect Picture Books For Kids (Plus a Prize Pack GIVEAWAY)

It has been quite the eventful last few weeks of summer. I am still in disbelief that it's already back-to-school time. Granted, we do homeschool all year round, but have more of a lax schedule during the summer months. We are now already in our first few weeks of first grade. How crazy that it feels like we only finished kindergarten just yesterday!

One of my all-time favorite subjects to teach is science. There is just so much to learn and a lot of the subject matter, if not all of it, is pretty amazing! I particularly love doing life science studies with my son. This branch of science is perfect for all ages, but younger grades will find it fascinating, especially if they already enjoy learning about plants, animals, or insects. 

Recently, we've had the pleasure of reading three beautiful children's books that focus on insect life, particularly caterpillars and fireflies. These books have become a cherished part of our learning and reading collection, as they are all educational and fun.

Firefly Home 
by Jane Clarke
There’s no place like home. But poor Florence Firefly is lost, and there are so many bright lights shining in the night sky that she doesn’t know which way to go. She’ll need some help to find her way back home. In this clever interactive picture book, readers can participate in Florence’s journey by encouraging her to fly faster, suggesting which direction to take, and making a wish.

This is a precious story that we just simply can't stop reading. We get to follow around a little firefly named Florence. She is lost and can't seem to find her home. The problem is, she isn't really sure where home is. She does know that it must be somewhere where there is light, however light can come from many different sources, not just fireflies. Little Florence soon realizes this as she goes on an incredible journey to find her way back home to be with the rest of her firefly friends and family.

We really love Firefly Home and it is super fun to read, especially if you have young children. While there isn't necessarily a science lesson incorporated into the story, it is an exciting interactive book, which allows children to jump into the adventure to find out Florence's next move. I enjoy hearing my son say, "No...that's not her home" and "Fly, Florence, fly" as he helps her find her way home. The author has done a wonderful job at creating a way for young readers to become part of the story. It also offers a chance for children to practice their problem solving and social skills.

How does a caterpillar become a butterfly? Open out the petal-shaped pages, one by one, and watch a transformation unfold. First there’s a tiny egg on a leaf, then a caterpillar hatching, just big enough to see. Look at the caterpillar munching away, growing and shedding layers of skin so it can grow some more. Follow as it spins a thread into a green and golden chrysalis, hanging in the sun. Are you ready to see a glorious transformation when all the page turns are done? Cleverly leading readers through each stage of the caterpillar’s life cycle, Caterpillar to Butterfly is sure to set curiosity into flight.

If your child is planning on learning the life cycle of a butterfly, then this is one book that you're going to want to add to the collection. The book is written in fun, rhyming prose, which is perfect for younger children. Not only does it walk readers through each step of a caterpillar's life all the way up until its transformation into a butterfly, but it also offers a clever feature that my son absolutely loves! With the turn of each page, the book begins to form a flower shape. You see, each page has an almost petal shape to it, and as we read the story, the pages turn and fold out in different directions. At the end of the story, children not only find out what happens to the caterpillar, but they realize that the book has also transformed into a large flower.

Caterpillar to Butterfly has a really neat design and is one of my son's latest favorites in his book collection! Of course, I can't forget to mention that it's quite educational and offers a gentle approach to teaching the life cycle of a butterfly, which is fantastic for early grade levels.

Observe the ways plants and insects interact in a gentle introduction to growing for budding scientists. What’s that wedged in a crack in the ground, small and hard and wrinkly and brown? A bean seed! Soon it develops roots and leaves. And what’s that on the leaf? An egg! The egg hatches a caterpillar, and the caterpillar eats the leaves, getting bigger and bigger until it forms a chrysalis. Meanwhile, the plant is growing, too: it develops flowers, then bean pods, as it reaches up toward the sun. Side by side, plant and insect grow . . . and grow . . . and grow throughout the year, until they come full circle. This fourth book in the First Science Storybook series uses simple, clear language and colorful illustrations to inspire very young readers as they learn about life cycles.

Here is another great book to add to the list, especially if your child is planning on or wants to learn more about caterpillars or the life cycle of a butterfly. It also offers an added bonus by sharing educational information about plants. Children can read a parallel story about a bean plant and a caterpillar. Young readers are introduced to both a bean plant when it's just a seedling and a tiny egg that will soon hatch into a caterpillar. The text reads in fun storybook fashion as it progresses through the life stages of both the bean plant and caterpillar.

We are currently in the middle of learning about plant life for our homeschool science, so Caterpillar and Bean has been a fun supplement to our lessons, because it discusses seeds, roots, flowers, etc. My son was able to immediately connect what he was reading in this story with what he's currently working on in his lessons. There's even a handy little index in the back to highlight some of the educational topics spread throughout the book.

Whether you are looking for extra reading books to supplement your child's science lessons or they have a personal interest in insects (and even plants), the three books that I have shared, above, are sure to be a hit in your home. I know that we have been personally enjoying each one quite a bit!

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