Jehovah’s Mighty Acts: The First Installment in the "Tell His Wonders" Series

Throughout the years, we have been blessed with some pretty amazing resources and tools to complement our homeschool Bible studies. For instance, just recently we had the great pleasure of reading a wonderful children's book by minister and author Nathan J. Langerak called Jehovah’s Mighty Acts. This book offers a special collection of Bible stories in a set theme; it is the first installment from a new series entitled Tell His Wonders. As the title hints, Volume 1 in the Tell His Wonders series focuses on God's mighty acts of salvation throughout Biblical history.

Stories of salvation and might: The creation of the world, God’s word to Adam and Eve after the fall, the worldwide flood, God raising up Moses to deliver Israel from Egypt, God’s provision of manna in the wilderness, and the Jews’ return home after seventy years of captivity—these are all saving acts of Jehovah towards his covenant people in the Old Testament. And they all show one of God’s most important perfections: though his people often sin against him and are unfaithful, God is always faithful to his covenant promises he makes with his people in Jesus Christ.

The first book in the Tell His Wonders series of Bible stories, the stories and accompanying illustrations in Jehovah’s Mighty Acts are a tool for parents of the church to use in the instruction of their children about the theme and truth of Jehovah’s mighty acts of salvation in the Old Testament, mighty acts which pointed to the mightiest act of all—salvation in Jesus Christ.

Nathan J. Langerak is a minister in the Protestant Reformed Churches of America. He is the author of Walking in the Way of Love, a two-volume commentary on the book of 1 Corinthians. He and his wife and their six children live in Crete, Illinois.

Michael Welply has illustrated more than eighty books, including The Random House Book of Bible Stories, and Biblical Times, published by Simon and Schuster. He has two adult children and three grandchildren. He and his wife live in Levet, France.

What makes this book and the series that it belongs to so unique, is the fact that it doesn't include every single story or event in the Bible and isn't set up in the same fashion as other Bible storybooks out there. There are thirty-one chapters included in this volume. The selection of stories were carefully selected based on the overall theme of the book, in this case, the many examples of how our Lord has brought His children to salvation. It is also solely focused on events in the Old Testament. The second installment of the Tell His Wonders series, which is set to be released in autumn of 2020, will also highlight Old Testement events, with an overall theme of friends and servants of God.

The book series was created for children, ages seven through ten, however I can attest that it can equally be enjoyed by all ages, young and old. The paraphrased method of storytelling makes this a perfect read for children. While it isn't toned down to sound juvenile, it was written in a way that can truly touch young hearts and allow them to really take in what they're reading. My first grader and I enjoyed sitting together to read the stories, each one offering an important opportunity to learn more about the ways in which God shows His faithfulness to His children.

We had the opportunity to read about the story of Creation, how Moses helped bring the Jews back to their land (with the help of God), and even how Esther saved her people, despite the risks to her own life. Each story offers an age-appropriate, yet accurate, depiction of Old Testament times. It isn't watered down just because it's a children's book. There are accounts of how people sinned during those times (just like the present day), and how God dealt with them, still saving them despite certain circumstances. The Old Testament does have some unappealing accounts that aren't necessarily appropriate for young children, but there are some aspects that they should still learn about early on. I felt that the author did a fantastic job at finding the perfect balance to tell about some of those events, making it fitting for younger ages. 

Some physical attributes that make this book all the more lovely is that it's a rather nice size, almost reminiscent of a traditional picture book. The exterior is made up of a sturdy hard cover, which is sure to protect it for many years to come. Of course, one of the features that really stood out for my son and I (besides the actual stories) were the illustrations. They are truly a major highlight of this book! The biblical figures throughout are drawn almost to real likeness. There is detail and intrigue at the turn of each page. As we read the Bible stories, the accompanying artwork provided an amazing complement to each one, helping to bring everything to life right before our eyes. 


Another aspect that I really appreciate was that the author made sure to connect Jesus throughout the stories. Since there are many prophetic messages of our Savior's birth throughout the Old Testament, I found this to be very important and a surefire way to help children understand what the Lord's mighty plan was all along.

The fact that Jehovah's Mighty Acts is just the first part of a collection of books in an entire series makes this title all the more intriguing to me. It is definitely something to keep in mind for those who may wonder why all Old Testament (or even New Testament) accounts are not included in this volume. The author was sure to pick stories and events that were relevant to the overall theme of this particular installment. As more themes come along, I'm sure we'll get to experience some of the other stories and events from the Old Testament and even better, from the New Testament, as well. Now that's something to get excited about!

If you are looking for a new and unique way to share God's "mighty" acts of love and faithfulness with the children in your life, then the Tell His Wonders series is a great place to start. We can't wait to see what the author brings us next and will be eagerly awaiting the release of Volume 2 this time next year. For more information on this series, please be sure to visit The Reformed Free Publishing Association (RFPA).